Proposed Two Zoning Ordinance Changes

The City is proposing two zoning ordinance changes to allow for horizontal mixed-use in certain zones and a new land-use matrix. The details for these changes are:

Mixed-Use Development

Currently, vertical mixed-use is allowable in certain zones in the City. This new ordinance will allow for horizontal mixed-use in certain commercial zones. More details in the draft ordinance.

Vertical Mixed-Use Development

Commercial and residential in one building.

Horizontal Mixed-Use Development

Commercial and residential uses may occupy individual buildings on the same site.

This modification will allow R-O, C-3, and C-5 zones.

Development standards will apply to all new construction.

Land-Use Matrix

The proposed land-use matrix. The existing zoning code is available on the Oak Harbor Municipal Code 19.20.

All uses are in a matrix instead of listing uses in each zone district section.

Reduces categories by consolidating approximately 250 categories to 85.

The allowable uses are not changing.

Matrix presents clearer and easier to understand information to provide a comparison between zones.


New definitions are being added to Municipal Code Section 19.08 to support the changes proposed. These definitions will clarify use types and categories.

Questions or Comments

The City provided a public comment option through Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 5 pm.