Department Structure

The Chain of Command for the Police Department includes the following Command structure:

  • Chief of Police
  • Administrative Assistant, reporting to the Chief of Police
  • 2 Captains

The Oak Harbor Police Department is divided into two Bureaus: Administration Bureau and Operations Bureau. Each Bureau is lead by a Captain, who also has other ancillary duties they are responsible for.

Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau is supervised by the Operations Captain and it consists of the Patrol Division:

Patrol Division

  • 4 Patrol Sergeants
  • 12 Patrol Officers

The Patrol Division is the largest individual component within the Department, the four Patrol Squads are composed of sixteen full-time positions - four Patrol Sergeants and twelve Patrol Officers. Each Sergeant supervises a team of three officers. Their responsibilities include responding to primary (emergency) and secondary (routine) calls for service, investigating reports of criminal activity, enforcing traffic laws and fulfilling their community caretaking responsibilities by assisting the public, as best they can, by responding to requests for assistance in matters such as public speaking and educational events, stranded motorists, answering questions about the legal system and many other examples too numerous to detail.

Administrative Bureau

The Administrative Bureau is supervised by the Administrative Captain and it consists of the Investigations Division, Special Services, Corrections and Records/Support Services Divisions:

Investigations Division

  • 1 Detective Sergeant
  • 2 Detectives

The investigations division is comprised of three full-time positions, the Division is supervised by a Detective Sergeant and consists of two Detectives. The Detective Sergeant is responsible for overseeing all criminal investigations and assigning to the individual detectives all felonies and other criminal cases that require additional follow-up investigation.

Special Services Division (SSD)

  • 1 SSD Sergeant
  • 4 SSD Officers (filling these positions as we train and hire new officers)
  • 1 School Resource Officer (SRO)

The School Resource Officer is assigned full-time to the Oak Harbor schools - primarily to the Oak Harbor High School - and is the primary responder to calls for service originating from the High School or surrounding neighborhoods, if believed to be high-school related. The officer is also a readily available contact for school staff and students regarding personal and property safety, or any law enforcement question that may arise.

The Special Services Division Officers have a variety of roles, which may include; community education and support, narcotics investigations, traffic enforcement/education, nuisance complaints, public safety related issue and a variety of other department functions.

Records / Support Services Division

  • 1 Evidence and Information Specialist
  • 3 Records and Information Specialists

The Records and Support Services Division is comprised of the Records and Property and Evidence Division, and supervised by the Special Services Division Sergeant. Records is responsible for handling reception duties for citizens who come into the department, for the quality and integrity of data entry and submission of NIBRS reports to the State and FBI, file preparation, integrity, dissemination to other agencies and the public, and the retention and destruction of records in accordance with State Retention Schedules. They answer all incoming calls and greet the public, as well as completing data entry of tickets and accidents and issuance of firearms licenses. The Property and Evidence component is responsible for the intake, integrity and disposition of items taken for evidence, found property, and safekeeping.

Police Support Officers (PSO) / Correction Officers Division (CO) (All Non-Commissioned)

  • 1 Police Support Officer (PSO) - Lead position
  • 1 Police Support Officer (PSO)
  • 1 Police Support/Animal Control Officer (PSO / ACO)

The PSO Division is responsible for the transportation requirements of the inmates to and from other jail facilities and work closely with their counterparts in those facilities; South Correctional Entity (SCORE) and Island County Jail in particular. The PSOs have the additional role of assisting with other department tasks, such as evidence, community support, administrative functions, etc. The PSO / ACO handles animal complaints and works proactive duties related to animal control. The PSO / ACO also assists with other departmental tasks as directed.