Benefits - Current Employees

Medical Insurance

Benefit PackageA choice from three options is provided through the Association of Washington Cities. Kaiser Permanente $200 deductible, Regence HDHP (with a City-funded HSA), and Regence HealthFirst 250. The City pays 100% of the premium for a full-time, regular employee and 80% of the premium for spouse and dependent children.

Vision Insurance

Vision Service Plan -The City provides a paid family vision plan which covers a yearly exam per person and a portion of vision hardware (frames, lenses, and contacts) depending upon the use of accepted network providers.

VSP Plan Summary (PDF)

Dental Insurance

Washington Dental Service/DELTA is preventive, incentive-based dental coverage provided through the Association of Washington Cities, and pays as follows: 70-100% preventive, 70-100% basic, and 50% major dental to a maximum of $2000/person/year. Included is an orthodontic rider for children of 50% orthodontic expenses to a maximum of $1000 per child/lifetime. The City pays 100% of the premium for a full-time, regular employee and 80% of the premium for spouse and dependent children.

Basic Life Insurance and Long Term Disability (LTD)

The City pays for a $25,000 basic group life insurance policy as well as a long-term disability policy for employees and a $10,000 life insurance policy for dependents through Standard Insurance Company.

See below for additional life insurance information.

Washington State Department of Retirement Systems

PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) plans II or III is required for all general City employees. LEOFF (Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters) plan is for safety service employees and PSERS is for Public Safety Service Officers (Jailers). Employee contribution rates (% of gross income) vary for the plans. The City makes a contribution as well. This is a required program, please review the website for information regarding these plans.

  • PERS Plan Choice Booklet or Choose Your Plan Video
  • Beneficiary Designation changes can be made in your DRS account

Planning for Retirement?

Other benefit options include the following:

Deferred Compensation Plans (DCP)

Save more with DCP!

In addition to our city-offered retirement plan we offer two deferred compensation plans that employees can sign up for at anytime, this is a self-paid option to help you save more for retirement.

The below benefits are available to new employees, current employees can sign up for these during open enrollment, November to December of each year.

Voluntary Group Life Insurance

In addition to our life insurance policy, this is a self-paid option. New employees have 30 days to sign up without having to provide evidence of insurability. The current employee can add life insurance during open enrollment.

Voluntary Life Summary and Rates (PDF)

On January 1, 2022, the following changes will take effect for additional life insurance:

  • Employee additional life maximum increased from $300K to $500K.
  • Spouse/domestic partner additional life maximum cap has increased from 50% to 100% of the employee election (an amount equal to the amount purchased for employee coverage).

Additional Life Employee Rate Table (PDF)
Additional Life Spouse/Domestic Partner Rate Table (PDF)

Due to the above changes, a one-time increase in voluntary coverage will be allowed without Evidence of Insurability (EOI). See the chart below to determine if an EOI is required:

WhoCurrently EnrolledNo EOI RequiredEOI Required
EmployeeNo$10,000 or $20,000Any amount over $20,000
EmployeeYesIncrease by $10,000 or $20,000
  • Increase by more than $20,000
  • Total amount elected is greater than $100,000
Spouse / Domestic PartnerNo$5,000Any amount over $5,000
Spouse / Domestic PartnerYesIncrease by $5,000
  • Increase by more than $5,000
  • Total amount elected is greater than $20,000

Note: If you were previously declined for additional life, you will need to submit an EOI for any amount elected. All requests for additional life will be reviewed to determine need for EOI.

To enroll and/or increase coverage for Additional Life:

Send both the enrollment/change form and the EOI form (as needed) to Human Resources, the deadline for this special open enrollment is December 31st.

  • If EOI is required, Standard will notify the employee of the decision, we will notify you. Coverage will be effective the first of the month following approval.
  • If no EOI is required, coverage will be effective January 1, 2023.

Colonial Life & Disability

This is a self-paid individual and/or family coverage for Cancer Care, Short Term Disability, Life, Accident, Critical Illness, and more. Contact the plan administrator on the flyer for more information and to enroll.

Colonial Supplemental Insurance Flyer (PDF)

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Pre-Tax deductions (IRS 125 Flexible Spending Account) for unreimbursed medical expenses and/or dependent daycare

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Fully funded by the City, $3,500 per individual, $7,000 per family per year. Must be on the Regence High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

HSA Employee Guide (PDF)

Long-Term Care Plan or WA Cares Fund

The Washington State Legislature established a long-term care insurance benefit for all eligible workers to address the future long-term care crisis.

Wellness Program

The City of Oak Harbor is committed to promoting employee health and wellness and offers a Wellness Program with fun and varied activities where regular employees can earn points to qualify for a Wellness Day off.

Employee Assistance Program

View the employee assistance program page.

Free, professional and confidential counseling is available through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) via ComPsych. EAP is available to the employee and their immediate family, including their dependent children and anyone living in their household. Guidance counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrange an appointment with a qualified counselor in your area. Visit the EAP page for more information.

Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual

Full-time employees receive vacation accrual on the following schedule. Sick leave accrual is 8 hours per month. The vacation accrual rate for a part-time employee shall be pro-rated as a percentage of the full-time rate.

Years of ServiceVacation Accrual RateTotal Per YearMaximum Accrual
0 to 5 years
(1st Month Through Month 60)
8 hours/month96 Hours192 Hours
6 to 10 years
(Month 61 Through Month 120)
10 hours/month120 Hours240 Hours
11 to 15 years
(Month 121 Through Month 180)
13.33 hours/month159.96 Hours319.92 Hours
16 to 20 years
(Month 181 Through Month 240)
15 hours/month180 Hours360 Hours
21+ years
(Month 241 and Beyond)
16.66 hours/month199.92 Hours399.84 Hours

Holiday Pay

The City provides eleven paid holidays per year plus two floating holiday of your choice (total of thirteen days).

AWC Forms

  • Address Change Form - if you have a change of address, please fill out this form in NEOGOV and get back to HR as soon as possible.
  • Benefits Enrollment Form - Has there been a change that affects your insurance? Please fill out this form and submit to HR.

Questions about your benefits?
Please email Liflor Barrera HR Generalist or call 360-279-4518.