Public Comment Form for Council & Advisory Boards

City Council meetings are public forums where the Mayor and City Council discuss matters relevant to City. If you have comments regarding an issue in the City of Oak Harbor, you can express them during the public comment portion of City Council meetings. City Council workshops are informal settings at which public comment is not solicited unless 1) an action item has been noticed, or 2) is otherwise permitted by a majority of City Council. 

The City's advisory boards also provide for a public comment period during meetings. 

All comments received will be distributed as appropriate; however, anonymous comments will not be placed into the meeting record. 

Options for Submitting a Public Comment

Public comment can be submitted using one of the options below:

  • Electronically using the webform (located below)
  • Via email to the City Clerk
  • Voicemail for the City Clerk by calling 360-279-4571 
    • after 5 pm on Friday evening before a City Council meeting or before 4 pm on the night of the meeting.
    • at least two (2) business days in advance of an advisory board meeting. 

Comments submitted using one of the three options will be placed into the record for the requested meeting when the agenda item is presented.

Additional City Contact Information

For those not wishing to provide public comment for the record, please use the following contact methods: 

Public Comment Form

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