Low Flow Fixtures

Selecting low-flow fixtures is about more than saving money. Low flow fixtures are available in various colors and styles for toilets, faucets, and showerheads. Switching to low-flow fixtures saves water, energy, and money.

Reasons to Go Low Flow

Decreasing Water Waste

  • The design of a low flow fixture is to limit water waste
  • The average low flow fixture expels around half the gallons per minute than a standard fixture
  • Over time you can save about a thousand gallons of water per year

Energy Savings

  • Less water use equals less energy required to heat it. Consider the electricity/gas needed to heat the water for your shower
  • You are decreasing heat needed for water which equals a longer life span for your water heater

Reducing Utility Bills

  • Low flow fixtures use less electricity and less water
  • You are decreasing the amount you owe on utility bills
  • The savings equals more money in your pocket

City Offers Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

The City of Oak Harbor makes low-flow plumbing fixtures (showerhead and sink aerators) available only to City of Oak Harbor water utility customers. Interested customers will be required to show or provide proof of address or a utility bill for an active account. During business hours, the fixtures are available at the Utility Billing counter at Oak Harbor City Hall:
865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Installation Instructions

There are videos on YouTube that provide installation instructions: