Public Records Request

Public Records are received and processed by City staff depending on the type of request received. The two types of requests are City Public Records Requests and Police Department Records Requests

City Public Records Requests

These requests are handled by the City Public Records Officer and relate to various City departments including but not limited to Administration/Executive, Development Services, Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Legal, Marina, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works.

Police Department Records Requests

These requests are handled by the Oak Harbor Police Department Records Division and are related to Police Department records including, but not limited to, incident reports and body-worn cameras (BWC) recordings. 

I-COM 9-1-1 Records Requests

Contact I-COM 9-1-1 for assistance

Public Records Center

Submit a Request - Provides options for submitting a Public Record Request

My Records Center - Provides options for accessing:

Public Records Request Archive - Search previous Public Records Requests

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The City of Oak Harbor provides access to public records in compliance with applicable laws and statutes in Washington State. Per RCW 42.56.520, the City has five business days to respond to a request for public records.