Fire Service Levy Updates

Levy Updates Banner thanking voters for approving 2022 Fire Service levy

THANK YOU! Oak Harbor voters approved two ballot measures in the November 8, 2022, General Election to improve emergency response times and capabilities. Follow along here from 2023 to 2025 as we share information about the implementation of these service improvements.

  1. Second Fire Station
  2. Staffing
  3. Equipment
  4. Additional Info

Improve fire protection response times and capabilities by building and operating a fire station in the southwest area of Oak Harbor that is staffed 24/7. 

Build and operate a second fire station in Oak Harbor's southwest area

The construction of the second fire station in the southwest area of Oak Harbor will improve emergency response times by placing firefighters closer to the City's areas of greatest growth and growth potential. In addition, increased staffing will provide better coverage citywide, allowing the department to keep a medical/rescue unit and a fire engine in service 24 hours a day. 

Learn more and follow the construction of Station 82 here.

Station 82 Key Features

Station 82 will exceed industry standards and follow best practices of "Healthy-In, Healthy-Out," to maximize firefighter safety.

More specifically, Station 82 will feature:

  • Satellite station, small in size: ~7,300 square feet (about 1/3 the size of Station 81)
  • Individual sleeping rooms to support gender diversity in the modern fire service
  • Decontamination areas for bunker gear and equipment 
  • Adequate storage space for the proper care and storage of emergency vehicles and equipment 
  • Dedicated fitness room to support firefighter health and readiness 
  • Designed to the latest seismic and code requirements for essential facilities 
  • Small Training classroom
  • Staffed 24/7 by a combination of full-time and paid-on-call firefighters


This project is entirely funded by a general obligation bond of $0.23 per $1,000 of assessed property value; the bond will expire after 20 years. Operating expenses for the station (including staffing) are funded by a levy lid-lift of $0.67 per $1,000 of assessed property value.