How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Call I-COM Dispatch at 360-679-9567.

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1. Can I visit an inmate at the Jail?
2. Where can I find Collision Records / Reports?
3. Where can I find Criminal History / Background Checks?
4. Do you provide fingerprinting services?
5. Does the Police Department hold property auctions?
6. How can I get a copy of a Police or Accident report?
7. How can I get a Restraining Order?
8. How can I get an Anti-Harassment Order or Order for Protection?
9. How do I apply for a position at the Police Department?
10. How do I check for Registered Sex Offenders?
11. How do I report an abandoned vehicle?
12. How do I report illegal drug activity?
13. How do I submit feedback about the department?
14. I have a warrant for my arrest - how do I take care of it?
15. If I find money or property and turn it into the police, can I later claim it?
16. Is there a fee for Police or Accident reports?
17. What can I do about a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) check I received?
18. What is your address?
19. What is your fax number?
20. What number do I call for a non-emergency situation?
21. When should I call 911?
22. Where can I get a child safety seat inspection?
23. Who do I call about barking dogs and other noise complaints?
24. Who do I contact when I have lost personal property?