How do I dispose of medications and / or hypodermic needles?

Drug Disposal

Disposing of over-the-counter and prescription medication properly will help ensure that it doesn't harm a person, animal, or the environment. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also maintains a Controlled Substance Disposal Search Utility to help you find an authorized take-back location or you can search Google Maps for "drug disposal near me" to find your nearest drug disposal site.

Prepare your medication for disposal by removing all pills from original packaging and placing them into a zip-seal bag. Learn more about how to dispose of unused medications from the Federal Drug Administration.

Store prescription drugs in a safe and secure manner until disposing.

Hypodermic Needles (Sharps) Disposal

Place used needles into preferably a PETE plastic (2-liter soda bottle) or red manufactured "Sharps" container (available at pharmacies). When full, screw the lid down tightly and tape it shut.

Dispose of container 9:30 am to 5 pm daily (closed holidays) at: Solid Waste Complex, 20018 SR 20, Coupeville, WA

Mercury Thermometers

Secure to prevent breakage. Deliver to any County Solid Waste facility.

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