How big should my dumpster enclosure be?

Since changing to a front-load garbage truck we have increased the size requirements for the dumpster enclosures.  Due to the size of the forks on the truck, we require a 12-foot wide and 10-foot deep enclosure.  The fork on the truck is 8 feet wide so it gives us a 2-foot cushion on each side to adjust to the area.  Sometimes garbage will be stacked on the side or a vehicle will park too close, so it gives us some room to work with.  We are not requiring old enclosures to be updated at this time but if work is being done to the enclosure we will advise it.  Make sure to call the Solid Waste Department at 360-279-4766 before you build to verify the location and any questions you might have. View the Solid Waste Container Pad Detail (PDF) for full Oak Harbor Solid Waste container pad details.

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