Why does my lid have to be closed?

Closed lids reduce litter and vermin from invading our neighborhoods. We have established a pre-paid extra garbage bag system. By keeping lids closed we have increased efficiency in dumping roll carts. The cans that overflowed spilled out onto the street when dumped causing the drivers to stop and clean up best they can, losing time and still causing a mess. Windy days caused the extra trash to blow around the areas. Crows, seagulls, and other vermin will drag material out and spread it through the area. Also, why are you paying for the same size roll cart as your neighbor that is balancing extra garbage on their can causing a mess that will likely blow into your yard for you to clean up. Using the pre-paid extra garbage bags lets you be responsible for your own garbage. The blue bags can be purchased from Oak Harbor Utilities office, Safeway, Haggen, and Saar's Marketplace for $4.85 each.

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