I can’t participate, what are my options?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund after registering to participate in the Whidbey Island Marathon or surrounding events. We will allow participants to change race categories prior to the race, transfer their race entry to a friend* or defer their entry to the following year. If you would like to take advantage of any of these options, please email us at info@fizzeventsnw.com

*If transferring to a friend, please email us with your friend CC’d and will help facilitate the transfer.

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1. Is there a time limit for the Full Marathon or Half Marathon?
2. What timing device will be used?
3. What is the minimum age to participate in the Marathon? Half Marathon?
4. Will bikes, skates and dogs be allowed?
5. Is there a Pace Team?
6. Where will the bathrooms be located?
7. How do I know if I am registered?
8. I can’t participate, what are my options?
9. If I’m registered for the Full Marathon can I switch to the Half, 10k or 5k?
10. Can I pick up my packet on Race Day?
11. What is the average temperature on Whidbey Island?
12. Lost and Found