I live in Oak Harbor; can I have a fire in my backyard?

Yes and no. Recreational fires are allowed; but land-clearing fires are not allowed (includes burning of yard debris). For yard debris pick up, please contact City of Oak Harbor Public Works or see this list of alternatives to burning yard debris by the Northwest Clean Air Agency.

Within the city limits of Oak Harbor, and it's Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) recreational fires three feet in diameter or smaller are allowed and do not require a permit if all the following conditions are met:

  • Recreational fires consist only of charcoal or firewood and are used for cooking or pleasure
  • The fire is in an enclosure no larger than 3 feet across. The enclosure must be a minimum of 16 inches high and made of cement block, stones or Number 10 gauge steel
  • Materials being burned must be kept lower than the sidewalls of the enclosure
  • A charged garden hose or 2, five-gallon buckets of water must be on site
  • A shovel or rake must be on site
  • The fire must be 25 feet from any standing timber
  • Tree branches must be cleared to the height of 15 feet above the enclosure
  • One person age 16 or older who is capable of putting the fire out must be in attendance at all times
  • The fire must be contained within a firebreak (bare ground)
  • The landowner's permission must be obtained if not on your property
  • The smoke from your fire must not negatively affect your neighbors. If the fire department is called, you will be asked to put your fire out
  • Prior to burning, check Island County's Burn Ban status by calling the Northwest Clean Air Agencies Fire hotline: 360-428-1617, ext. 4 or visit the Northwest Clean Air Agency website

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1. I live in Oak Harbor; can I have a fire in my backyard?
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