E81 & E812, 2007 E-One Typhoon

E81 and E812, 2007 E-One Typhoon
E81 with Flag

E813 & E814, 1998 Seagraves Engines

E813 - 1998 Seagraves
E814 - 1998 Seagraves

Ladder 81, 1992 Seagraves

Equipped with a 100-foot aerial ladder and carries volumes of equipment ranging from mass casualty medical supplies to ladders, ventilation fans, saws, lighting, salvage, and rescue gear. Received a factory refurbishment in 2019.

Ladder 81 - 1992 Seagraves

Rescue 81, 2011 Ford F550

Carries equipment needed for medical incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and technical rescue calls. Also supports other apparatus by carrying a portable air system, generator, lights, and water vacuums.

Rescue 81 - Ford F550

Command 8, 2019 Ford F550 Pick-up Truck

Driven by Command 800, usually first on scene and carries supplies necessary to direct an emergency incident, as well as specialty equipment, such as medical supplies, thermal imaging and photographic equipment, communication devices and other equipment necessary to command various incidents.

Command 8 - Ford F550 Pick-up Truck

Chief's Vehicle, 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Special Operations Trailers

Oak Harbor Fire Department maintains trailers designed to meet the needs of the various incident types encountered, including Air/Rehab Unit, Hazardous Spill Containment Unit, Technical Rescue Unit, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Trailers, and a Crime Scene and Fire Investigations Trailer.

Special Operation Trailer