Safety Program

The City of Oak Harbor's safety program goal is to lower risks for on-the-job injuries. The focus is on injury prevention to keep employees safe before an accident happens. The City conducts quarterly Central Safety Committee meetings and safety policies are included in the Accident Prevention Program (APP). Department sub-committees meet monthly to review and discuss safety topics, updated rules or regulations, and to complete safety training.

City-wide Safety Program, Accident Prevention, and Injury Reporting Policy and Procedure.

City of Oak Harbor Safety Statement:
We expect employees to ensure compliance with all applicable safety practices and policies, including those established by OSHA/DOSH regulations and the City’s Accident Prevention Program. This includes, but is not limited to, actively identifying, and correcting potential hazards that may affect employee and public safety, including those identified by co-workers. Leading by example to promote a positive culture of workplace safety through everyday action, emphasizing safe completion of work throughout all aspects of developing and carrying out work plans. 

The City's goal is to become a designated WorkSafe Employer by the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) and to have Every Employee, Home Safe, Every Night.

Safety Program

Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Safety Documents and Forms

  1. ACCIDENT-OSHA-info Request Form
  2. AWC Safety Training Recommendations and Notes
  3. AWC Safety Training Requirements
  4. Bloodborne Pathogen policy 3 current 11-30-2021
  5. Chemical Hazard Communication Program
  6. City Hall Lower Level Downstairs
  7. City Hall Upper Level
  8. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) 2019-2024
  9. Confined Space Entry Procedure Checklist
  10. Confined Space Policy
  11. Employee Orientation Safety Checklist (PDF)
  12. Evacuating City Hall Guideline-rev 09-2023
  13. ExposureReportFORM_FIRE
  14. ExposureReport FORM_GENERAL
  15. ExposureReport FORM_POLICE
  16. Fall Protection Program
  17. Fire Accident Prevention Plan
  18. Fire evacuation graphic
  19. Hazard Assessment for PPE
  20. Impaired Behavior Report (PDF)
  21. INCIDENT REPORT-NonInjury-NearMiss
  23. Lockout Tagout-Marina
  24. Lockout Tagout-Public Works
  25. Marina Accident Investigation and Reporting Policy
  26. Marina Accident Prevention Plan
  27. Noise Exposure
  28. OHPD Fire Escape Routes
  29. OSHA Investigation Guide
  30. Outdoor Heat Exposure Plan-Marina
  31. Outdoor Heat Exposure Plan-Public Works
  32. Post Accident Testing Decision Tree (PDF)
  33. Post Accident Testing Determination (PDF)
  34. Post Exposure Form
  35. Public Works Escape Routes
  36. Respiratory Protection Program-Fire
  37. Respiratory Protection Program-Marina
  38. Respiratory Protection Program-Public Works
  39. Return to Work Physician Certification (Advanced/Field)
  40. Return to Work Physician Certification (Basic/Office)
  41. Safety Committees 296-800-130
  42. Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Checklist (PDF)
  43. Tsunami Evac. Route Marina
  44. Vehicular Incident Reporting Procedure - Employee (PDF)
  45. Wildfire Smoke Program