Storm Drain

Storm DrainReport spills or illicit discharges by calling 360-279-4764. Thank you for your help!

Stormwater pollution refers to the broad sources of pollution that enter our surface water channels and streams. These broad sources can be anything from oil on parking lots and driveways to pesticide runoff from farmland and residential gardens.

This "surface" water is separate from that which enters the sanitary sewer and is treated by the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant. Water that flows down driveways and streets into a gutter goes into a storm drain which flows directly into the bay. The purpose of the storm drain system is to prevent flooding of streets and highways by quickly and efficiently transferring rain water into the bay. Local ordinance prohibits anything other than uncontaminated rain water from entering the storm drain system. Never pour anything into a gutter, street or storm drain. Should you have an issue with a storm drain please contact the City's Wastewater Collection/Storm Drain Division at 360-279-4764.

Did you know that only after industrial sources of pollution were controlled did scientists and lawmakers realize how much pollution comes from average Americans doing everyday things? Water is a universal solvent. When it falls as rain, it literally scours off contaminants that lie on rooftops, gardens and sidewalks-from cigarettes to pet waste to slug poison-carrying these pollutants into the creeks. Most pollutants end up as water pollution.

The City is doing many things to educate our citizens about stormwater pollution and the do's and don'ts of how they can make a difference. Currently, the City has many service opportunities for groups and schools to help remind us visually that pollution prevention is important. To find out about our Catch Basin Stenciling and Buttons projects contact Steve Bebee at 360-279-4764.

Click on the documents link above to view the Western Washington Phase 2 Stormwater Annual Report.

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