Car Wash

Fish Friendly Car Wash Fundraisers

The worst pollution in Puget Sound comes from our storm water. Wastewater from inside our homes, schools and businesses goes down the drain and into a treatment plant, but water from outside goes into storm drains and directly into Puget Sound - untreated. Your fundraising car wash is one of many that will take place in Oak Harbor this season.

Car washes can be a significant source of pollutants. To help minimize harmful impacts and ensure your compliance with city code, we will loan your organization an environmentally friendly car wash kit for your fundraising event. The kit will divert the water to a sewer drain. It includes a sink, pump, hose, and extension cord and traffic cones, with easy step-by-step instructions.

Visit the City of Oak Harbor website and look under Links for "Car Wash Fundraisers". A brochure "Storm Water Discharge and Car Wash Fundraisers" is also available.

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