Public Works

The staff of the City of Oak Harbor is committed to delivering the highest possible level of service to its citizens, improving economic opportunities, quality of life and fostering community partnerships.

The Department of Public Works serves as the backbone of the City.  We plow and sweep the streets, pick up the trash and recyclables, maintain the sewer, storm drain, and water systems, keep traffic flowing, maintain community parks, maintain public streets and sidewalks, and maintain the City vehicles and equipment. 


Engineering Division Two people walking by a road

The Engineering Division is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of the City's citizens by providing engineering analysis of plans and specifications for the construction of capital improvements and private developments.

The Division is responsible for overseeing the construction of public infrastructure such as streets, sewer mains, and water mains to assure the adherence to standards set forth in the City of Oak Harbor Municipal Code and that current engineering practices are utilized.

Equipment Rental Division

Welcome to the City of Oak Harbor Equipment Rental Division. The mission of the Equipment Rental Division is to provide safe, efficient and economical fleet services for the City of Oak Harbor.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is responsible for procurement of goods and services on behalf of the City of Oak Harbor as governed by the City Council. Purchasing strives to maintain the quality and integrity of the City’s purchasing system and maximize the purchasing value of the City of Oak Harbor's dollars.

In addition, Purchasing works to assure fair and equitable treatment to all who do business with the City. Purchasing also handles the City’s surplus items through auction or recycling in accordance with state law and City Ordinances.

Solid Waste Division Garbage Trucks at sunset

The mission of the Solid Waste Division is to provide reliable, efficient and economical service to our customers. 

Objectives include:

  • Compliance with All Health and Environmental Regulations
  • Timely Collection of Solid Waste, Recyclables and Yard Waste
  • Prompt Response to Requests for Service
  • Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Long-Term Capital PlanningWorkers in front of a work truck
  • Stable Rates

Streets Division 

The mission of the Streets Division is to maintain streets, right-of-ways, and related facilities in a safe manner that complies with local, state and federal standards and regulations.

Wastewater Division Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility rendering

The mission of the Wastewater Division is to provide reliable, safe, and economical wastewater collection and treatment to our customers.

Water Division

The mission of the Water Division is to provide safe, uninterrupted, quality water to our customers.

Wastewater Collections & Storm Drain Division Storm Drain Crew in front of work truck

The mission of the Storm Drain/Waste Water Collections Division is to provide reliable, safe, and economical stormwater/wastewater collection and treatment to our customers.