Glass Containers

We currently have three glass drop-off sites.Truck and Recycling Containers

One is located In the Safeway parking lot (formerly Albertsons) off of SW Erie Street, and we have placed a glass drop site at the Oak Harbor Marina.

Here are a few ways to help keep costs down:

  • Keep the area around the glass container clean. If you have transported your glass in cardboard boxes please take them to an approved cardboard drop off sight as well as any other non-glass items you might have.
  • Only glass in the bin. No plastic bags, plastic bottles, candle wax, and cardboard boxes belong in the glass container. Please dispose or recycle them at an appropriate site.
  • The glass bin is for bottle and jar glass only. Old crystal vases, light bulbs, and Fluorescents have dangerous chemicals in them such as lead or mercury and when melted down will contaminate the recycled glass. Home Depot and Ace hardware have approved sites designated for light bulbs and will be recycled appropriately.
  • The container is color-coded Brown, Green, and clear. Please make sure the color of glass goes into the appropriate colored section the off colors like blue and yellow can go into the green section.
  • If you find the glass container full please call 360-279-4530 to notify us of the situation.

The least amount of handling of materials will keep our costs down. The more we have to clean up and sort through the recyclables the more likely the chance injury to workers and the chance of rate hikes. The containers are on private property we can be refused access at any time, please do your part in keeping the areas clean and free of litter so we can continue to use the location without incident