The City of Oak Harbor Marina offers a variety of moorage plans and contracts. Select the option that best meets your needs. 

Moorage Plan Details

To sign up for any of the moorage plans, you will need:
  • First months' moorage plus one months' security deposit payment- see Moorage Rates
  • Proof of $300,000 liability insurance with the City of Oak Harbor Marina listed as an additional insured. We will need a copy of your renewed insurance every year. 
  • A copy of the current boat registration which we'll need every year.
  • You will be required to provide updated insurance and registration each year
  • Sign a Moorage Contract depending on length of stay/size (Monthly, Yearly, Winter, or Small Boat Contract)
  • Electricity will be charged at metered or unmetered rate depending upon the pedestal. Metered - $0.135 per KWH consumed, minimum charge of $12.09 regardless of consumption.
Unmetered slips (Flat Rate) Charged Monthly
Boats to 30' $12.09
Boats 31' tp 36' $18.61
Boats greater than 36' $27.31
Unmetered Live aboard slip  Charged Monthly
Boats to 36' $49.63
Boats greater than 36' $65.77

Tips and Resources

Additional information:
  • The City of Oak Harbor Marina can hold a slip for two weeks before starting to charge for the slip. All moorage contracts must be signed along with registration and insurance must be updated with the marina before a slip can be held.
  • 30 days notice must be given if you plan on terminating any moorage. Please note yearly, winter and small boat contracts are set for a certain number of months. You will need to fulfill the contract before moorage is terminated.