Bicycle Helmet Program

Riding a bicycle is great mode of transportation, it's fun and great exercise. Help prevent riding injuries by riding safely and wearing a bicycle helmet.

Gotta Brain? Getta Helmet! Oak Harbor Fire Department (OHFD) believes that wearing a helmet is important. So much so that we have a long-standing Bike Helmet Program. Helmets are available for children, free-of-charge. If your child already owns a helmet, OHFD personnel are available to fit the helmet to your child's head. For a free fitting or a free helmet contact Oak Harbor Fire Department.

Some great bicycling safety resources:

A helmet is only effective if it is worn, and is most effective if it fits properly. Learn more about Proper Helmet Fit (PDF).

Bicycle Helmets Save Lives

We believe that wearing a bicycle helmet while riding a bicycle can save your life. So much so, that we've partnered with local businesses and charitable organizations to provide quality helmets to children in need, free of charge.

Falls from a bike will occasionally happen. Cuts and scrapes will heal, but head injuries can be life-altering.

We Recommend Quality Helmets

High-Quality Helmets are not always the most expensive. The helmets we provide are:

  • New, never used helmets
  • Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Feature top Microshell and large vents for maximum ventilation
  • have Quick-release buckles
  • Meet the CPSC Bicycle Helmet Standard
  • Made in Washington