Fire Safety Presentations

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We want to teach our community about fire safety and offer a wide range of fire safety and education curriculum. Classes are tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience. Curriculum is based on age and topic, ranging from preschool to high school and beyond. Each class is 30 to 60 minutes in length. When planning your event, be sure to give us plenty of time to arrange our schedules to best serve you. Fire safety presentations are conducted by our on-duty crew, so it's possible they will be called to an emergency during your event. For information on topics and to schedule a class, call our training officer

  • Smoke Alarm Installation
    • Working smoke alarms save lives. We want to make sure your smoke alarms are working. If the homeowner is a senior citizen or disabled we can assist you with the installation of your smoke alarm. Personnel are available to inspect and install resident purchased smoke alarms in residences within the City of Oak Harbor. Learn more about smoke alarms
  • Fire Safety for Students and Young Adults
    • Classes are available for Oak Harbor Public Schools, preschools, daycares, and parent groups and are made appropriate and flexible for each age group. Firefighters present fire safety information as well as show the fire apparatus and put on their turnout gear while briefly explaining the use. 
    • Classroom Visits can be at your classroom or ours 
  • Fire Safety Classes for Adults
    • These classes range from general fire safety to hands only CPR and fire extinguisher training and are ideal for civic groups, church groups, and businesses. 
    • Fire Extinguisher Training -- feel prepared and ready to fight a small fire with a fire extinguisher. Firefighters will teach the proper use of fire extinguishers using the P.A.S.S. Method (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) and go over basic fire safety information and practices.
  • Station Tours
  • Fire Escape Planning
    • Everyone in your home should know two (2) ways out of each room in your home 
    • Plan and practice a home fire drill
    • Learn about smoke and why it's important to Stay Low and Go
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers
  • Static Equipment Displays
    • A fire truck visit may be requested as a part of fire prevention, educational program, or an approved community service project within city limits. Equipment will remain in-service (available for emergencies) during their display.