Clean Water Facility

Clean Water FacilityThe City of Oak Harbor updated the wastewater treatment system by building the Clean Water Facility (CWF) at Windjammer Park to better serve the Oak Harbor community and protect the Puget Sound. The CWF provides:

  • Long-term reliable service to Oak Harbor
  • Reclaims valuable resources from wastewater
  • Supports the City's future growth
  • Enhances public spaces

Learn More About How the Treatment Process Works

100% of Oak Harbor's wastewater will be cleaned at the CWF. Follow wastewater throughout the treatment process (JPG) to learn how the facility will produce biosolids and very clean water to be released into Oak Harbor Bay.

Construction of the CWF

Watch a time-lapse video on YouTube showing the construction process from March 2016 to August 2017 and the ribbon-cutting event video.