Industrial User Survey


The City is currently engaged in a study to determine the nature of wastewater discharged by our non-residential sewer customers. This study is called an "Industrial User Survey."

Industrial User Survey

The State periodically collects this information to ensure that non-domestic sources of wastewater are identified. In addition, the data ensures that these discharges do not threaten the Sewage Treatment Plant (Clean Water Facility in Oak Harbor) and that proper controls are in place for significant sources of polluted water.

To allow continued sewage service to our non-residential customers, we must obtain responses to the survey form. 

Survey Instructions

Non-residential customers should complete the form to the best of their ability. The thorough and accurate completion of this form is quite important. Failure to complete the survey form or discharging a pollutant not identified in or at a higher volume than reported in this survey form is an offense punishable by enforcement actions, including termination of treatment services and/or civil and criminal penalties for knowing violations. 

This information must be returned to City Hall by Friday, October 7, 2022, at 4:30 pm. Note, City Hall closes at 4:30 pm.  The City Hall mailing address is:

City Hall
865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, WA  98277

The City provided a survey to assess if your business is required to complete the more detailed Industrial User Survey. If you are required to complete a more detailed survey, the City will send you the survey packet after the first survey is completed and reviewed.

Processing the Data

City staff will collect and tabulate submissions in compliance with the requirements of our Clean Water Facility's discharge permit. The data will be submitted by City staff to the Washington State Department of Ecology. 


Discharge of waste materials to the POTW must be authorized by Chapter 173-216 WAC (the State Waste Discharge Permit Program). Because of this, if you find that you discharge or plan to discharge non-domestic wastes, please contact the regional office of Ecology to obtain a permit application form to have an application sent to you. The State may also initiate actions to notify users who may need a permit of requirements based upon the information returned in the survey questionnaires.


If you have further questions, contact the City's Storm Drain/Wastewater Collections Compliance Inspector/Educator at 360-279-4765.