Water Supply Stages

Image of Water Stages Sign at Stage 1

The City of Oak Harbor has developed a Water Conservation Plan for surviving major drought conditions and/or any incident that would limit the water supply. Water conservation signs have been installed at strategic locations within the City, which provide information on the City's current water supply, as well as an awareness of the importance of water conservation.

What the Signs Mean

  • Stage 1: Potential for future drought conditions exist - Skagit River height is below 10 feet.
  • Stage 2: Drought is highly likely in the immediate future - Skagit River height is below 9 feet.
  • Stage 3: Drought condition emergency exists - Skagit River height is below 8 feet.

These stages may be implemented if any situation occurs that may impact the City water supply. For example: water main break, river flooding, contamination, or a critical failure of equipment at the Anacortes Water Treatment Plant.

For More Information

For more information call 360-279-4763.

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