Review Process II

Review process II applies to all permit applications that involve administrative decisions wherein significant discretion is involved or there is a significant impact to other properties.

All review process II administrative decisions made by the reviewing authority shall be issued in writing. The reviewing authority may attach to any permit approval such conditions as may be necessary to assure compliance with this title, other applicable city ordinances, and regulations, or any other regulations administered by federal or state agencies.

Examples of Review process II actions include the following (this is not an exhaustive list; please see the municipal code for specifics):

  • Short subdivision approvals of nine lots or less;
  • Binding site plan and site plan approval where a public hearing is not required prior to a decision
  • SEPA determinations;
  • Landscape approval;
  • Land clearing permit;
  • Wireless communication facilities;
  • Sidewalk deferral;
  • Sewer system development charge;
  • Joint use agreement for parking;
  • Accessory dwelling permit;

To see this section of code visit Type II Review Process

Review process II decisions are appealable to the hearing examiner.