Planning & Development

The Planning Division helps guide the growth of Oak Harbor by providing both current and long-range planning services. It is charged with promoting compliance with the Growth Management Act through the monitoring and implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan, which is the community's vision for its future. The division seeks to guide the growth and appearance of Oak Harbor through the thoughtful administration of community design guidelines and development standards. It strives to safeguard the community's environmental features by ensuring compliance with the City's environmental regulations and policies, the State Environmental Policy Act, and the State Shoreline Management Act.

The Planning Division does not undertake these tasks alone; it works with the Planning Commission and the Hearing Examiner.

  • The Planning Commission is a citizen advisory body which provides policy recommendations to the City Council on long-range planning efforts, zoning regulations, and other development regulations. The Commission also has a role in the approval of new neighborhoods.
  • The Hearing Examiner is charged with making recommendations (to the City Council) or decisions on certain land use applications as well as conducting appeals of administrative decisions.

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