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The intent of the pre-application review is to provide you with the applicable city requirements for your project. A pre-application meeting is an opportunity to meet with city staff who will review your application. You can explain your project and get agency feedback before you apply for permits. However, the pre-application review is not intended to provide an exhaustive review of all the potential issues that a given application could raise.

Preapplication review, while not required, is recommended for review process II, III, IV, and V applications.

To initiate pre-application review, an applicant shall submit a completed request for a pre-application meeting form provided by the department for that purpose, any required fee, preliminary site plan, and all other information required by the city.

The pre-application conference shall be scheduled to be held no more than 21 calendar days after the city accepts the application for pre-application review.

Preapplication review does not vest an application.

Is a pre-application review required?

No, the pre-application review is not required; however, the pre-application is strongly recommended for all applicants as a low-cost way of identifying key issues prior to full site plan development.

Application process

The first step is to submit the appropriate completed application form to the Development Services Department along with the applicable fees and the required number of copies for all submittal items. Applications can be obtained online at (Development Applications) or from the PermitCenter located in the Development Services Department.

Checking for complete applications

The Development Services Department conducts two application checks to ensure that applications are complete before staff begins the development review process. Prior to accepting an application, staff will conduct a "Counter Complete" review of the submittal package. This initial Counter Complete review ensures that all required submittal items are contained within the package. If each item on the submittal requirement list has been submitted, the application will be accepted for further review.

Prior to processing the application, the Development Services Department shall determine that the application is "Technically Complete". A Technically Complete application must contain all information required by the applicable development regulations as they apply to the proposed land use action.

Within twenty-eight calendar days after receiving a project permit application, the City will mail or personally provide a determination to the applicant which states either that the application is complete or that the application is incomplete and what is necessary to make the application complete.

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Length of review process

The length of time needed for review will depend on the type of permit and the completeness of the application; generally, the initial staff review of the project will take an average of two weeks, depending on staff workload. However, a final decision regarding the project permit application will be made within 120 days after the applicant has been notified that the application is complete, except as otherwise provided in subsection two of 18.20.410 of the Oak Harbor Municipal Code (OHMC)(see note).

(note) Any time period during which the applicant has been requested to correct plans, perform required studies, or provide additional required information is not included in the 120 day period.

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Projects requiring public hearings take considerably more time than administrative decisions. Staff may assist you in outlining the process and timeline required for permits that require a public hearing.

Public Notice requirements

Public notice is required for projects that are a Type II review process and above. The type of public notice varies by the review process type but it may be accomplished by posting of the property with twenty-four-inch by thirty-six-inch signs, mailing notices to contiguous property owners and/or property owners within 300 feet, and publishing the notice in the local newspaper.

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