Set Up or Cancel AutoPay from Checking Account

Automatic Payment of Utility Account

To set up automatic payment in which the City of Oak Harbor initiates your payment on your behalf, click on the link "Enroll in Autopay" below to download the form that requires your signature and a voided check to be attached. This signed form is your authorization to the City of Oak Harbor to initiate the payment automatically from your checking account on the due date of your utility bill. The City can authorize payment up to 3-days prior to the due date.

Once we process your autopayment enrollment form, you will continue to receive a monthly statement which will state, "autopay", in the payment box on the remittance portion of the statement. This will confirm your autopay is active.

Please be advised, if two or more return items are processed within a 12-month period while on autopay, the City reserves the right to cancel autopay, and customer will be required to pay by cash or with guaranteed funds for a 12-month period.

This form, along with a voided check, can be brought in or mailed to the Utilities Department at:

City Hall
Utilities Department
865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Utilities Main Number: 360-279-4530

Please Note: If you have set up a recurring payment through your bank's bill pay service, be sure to allow USPS delivery times. Payments will be posted the day they are received, not by the postmark.

Cancellation Form from Automatic Electronic Payment

If you wish to cancel your autopay with the City, click on the "Cancel Autopay" link below, complete and return the form to the Utilities office no later than 3 business days prior to your due date. Notifying your bank to cancel the City auto pay will not cancel the City's autopay service. You must sign and deliver the cancel autopay form to our office or call our office at 360-279-4530.

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