Snow & Ice Control

The City of Oak Harbor Public Works - Streets Division provides snow and ice control to the City of Oak Harbor. Snow Plow with sanding medium


The City uses the following equipment to control snow and ice in the winter:

  • Three sanding trucks with snowplow attachments in varying sizes
  • One large dump truck with a giant plow is used for wider streets
  • Two medium trucks with a medium plow for all roads (see picture)
  • The one-ton truck that can hold both a plow and sander


The City stores approximately 100 yards of sand and three tons of granular deicer in preparation for winter weather events. 


During snow events, crews are called in as needed. Four Streets Division crew members and other water, solid waste, wastewater, and water division staff are cross-trained to assist with the snow removal process. 

Snow Control on Roadways

Snow and ice control is accomplished by spreading sand on the roadway or plowing when warranted. 

Starts with Preparation

  • Public Works will monitor weather alerts
  • Prepare equipment and staff
  • Coordinate with Police and Fire Departments regarding snow routes and specific road conditions that require attention

Work to Reduce the Formation of Ice

Applying a deicer substance on the roadway prevents ice formation by lowering the freezing point of water and preventing bonding between ice and paved roads. The same is true for sanding. Putting sand on the roadway improves traction for drivers and makes it harder for the streets to re-freeze.  

Snow Control Process

Snowplows clear snow from roadways by pushing it out of the way of drivers. 

Priorities for Sanding and Snow Control

Priority streets are arterials and bus routes. Residential streets will be sanded as time and conditions permit. The map highlighting the snow and ice removal priorities is provided online. We do not provide snow and ice removal for military housing streets 

Snow Removal Map

Removal of Snow and Ice from City Facilities 

Public Works staff are also responsible for addressing snow and ice removal from public buildings during operational hours to keep the public and City staff safe.