Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings

Work on the signs and pavement markings generally is one of two activities:

  • Sign maintenance consists of replacing signs, posts, or anchors. Washing sign faces, straightening posts, visibility checks, reflectivity testing, new sign installation, etc. are considered sign maintenance. Signs marked with graffiti must be replaced since the paint cannot be removed without also removing the reflective coating on the sign.
  • Pedestrian cross-walks, stop bars, symbols, and parking stalls are either marked using plastic material or paint. These items are again installed using city forces and contract work during the summer months. Generally, crosswalks, symbols and stop bars are placed using paint. As are fog lines, bicycle lanes, and center lanes. Painting can only be done in the summertime since the pavement must be warm and can not have any moisture trapped in it. All paint jobs are done when weather permits. Button installation is also accomplished during the spring summer and fall. This consists of installing buttons on new street surfaces or replacing buttons that are missing or damaged.