Submittal Requirements

Applying for a proposed project may require one or more land use permit applications. Generally speaking, most projects require several application forms. Building Department requirements are usually separate and may require many more permits for one project. Below are select permit applications grouped by selected common land use proposals. Please note that each project is a unique situation and may require additional permits. This is intended to help an applicant get started in understanding all of the applications that must be filled out for one proposal.

Conditional Use (1 Paper Copy and a PDF File)

Short Plat (1 Paper Copy and a PDF File)

Preliminary Plat (1 Paper Copy and a PDF File)


As a rule-of-thumb, most pre-application submittals should include as much of the information listed under the specific permit(s) the project is applying for as possible. This will allow staff to identify any key issues prior to full application submittal.

Pre-Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (1 PDF File)

  • JARPA Form can be found at website
  • SEPA Checklist
  • Proposed Shoreline Plan
  • Narrative
  • Legal Description
  • Mailing List, Map, and Labels
  • Other Potentially Associated Applications (Land Clearing, Grading, etc.)

Site Plan (1 Paper Copy and a PDF File)