Safe place for newborns

A Safe Place to Leave a Newborn

In Washington State, it is legal to drop-off a newborn baby (up to three days old) at a staffed fire station. You will not be required to identify yourself. When using this service be sure to tell the employee that accepts the infant that you want to leave the newborn as a "Safe Place Newborn." The baby will be given any needed medical attention, and then placed in foster care for adoption.

What to expect when dropping off a newborn:

  • A staff member will greet you to receive the child. At this point the newborn child will be provided any medical attention that is required by trained staff.
  • You will be provided with forms that will help build a medical background for the infant, as well as an opportunity for you to leave any message that will stay with the child. These forms are not required but are greatly beneficial to the child's welfare.
  • The child is then transferred to WhidbeyHealth Medical Center and will be placed into Foster Care for adoption. If you change your mind or have questions about the baby, you may call the Division of Children and Family Services at 800-562-5624.

Confidential Process

The process is confidential, and you do not have to leave your name when you drop the infant off. In the best interest of the child, any medical information that can be given would be helpful for us. The Oak Harbor Fire Department has trained staff on-hand who will be able to assist the child in any way necessary.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call the Safe Place for Newborns of Washington 24-hour crisis hotline at 877-440-2229.