Sports Leagues

Youth and adult sports leagues are available within the City of Oak Harbor. Local sports clubs and associations offer youth soccer, Little League baseball, softball, youth football, running club, etc. Contacts for various local leagues are available on this page:

Participation / Activity Agreement

The City schedules sports fields for use by the local sports leagues and clubs. Fields are scheduled each year at a League Representative Meeting sponsored by the City of Oak Harbor.

Required applications and fees are as follows:

For additional information, contact the Parks Division at 360-279-4756.

Field Rules

These rules are for leagues utilizing City of Oak Harbor fields. Additional details are available in the Oak Harbor Municipal Code.

  • All garbage/litter must be picked up and properly disposed of in City Park or School District dumpsters.
  • Holes/turf must be raked or replaced.
  • Do not remove any goalposts, backstops, bases.
  • The City prohibits the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs on the City and school property.
  • Do not use spikes for the soccer goals. Only sandbags are permitted.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash, and poop must be scooped up, bagged, and placed in garbage containers provided or removed if no containers are available.
  • No dogs are allowed during league games, as defined by each league's guidelines (contact your specific league for guidelines in regards to dogs present at practices/games).


The condition of the fields must be maintained. If a violation of the rules in the contractual agreement occurs, the school district has the authority to close fields down.